Angelica Lind

Nationalität/ Nationality:


working on it :-)

Beste Ergebnisse/Best Results:
1. 6th place boulder world cup (bwc) Sofia, Bulgaria 2007
2. 7th pl. bwc Saint Leu, Reunion 2007
3. 10th pl. bwc Brno, Tjeck rep. 2007

Interview with Angelica Lind

Was erwartest Du von BRONX ROCK Invitational? / What do you expect of BRONX ROCK Invitational?
To make and climb some good and interesting problems, to meet the other climbers and have a lot of fun!

Hast du dir irgendwas Spezielles für das Schrauben vorgenommen? /
Do you have special plans for the routesetting?

I want to make a problem that is not a typical girl problem (=crimpy). I like slopers and big pinchholds! Dynamic moves is my speciality J

Wo siehst Du Möglichkeiten zur Weiterentwicklung des Kletterns? /Where do you see possibilities for development of climbing?
I think it is important to bring the sport to the people by arranging events at public places and not only in climbing gyms. International female routsetters will also be important for the development of the sport, think the girls can bring some new ideas into the scene.

Was würdest Du an deinem Sport ändern wollen?/ What part of your sport would you like to change?
I like bouldering as a sport and don’t want to change anything except to get female routesetters. For the climing comps there should be a lot of changes, because the comps are going on for so many hours and are boring to watch.

Was macht für dich Klettern aus, was gibt es dir? / What does climbing mean to you?
It means a lot of fun, but also hard training. Climbing gives me motivation and feels good for my body and mind.

Stärken und Schwächen beim Klettern? / Yours strengths and weaknesses in climbing?
Stärken/ Strengths:

Good bodytension, strong fingers, dynamic moves
Schwächen/ Weaknesses:
one-armlockings, static climbing, slabs

Mich inspiriert/ I'am inspired of
Christoph Finkel; he taught me a lot and helped me to develope as a climber. Julia Abramchuk (Russia) and Natalia Gros (Slovenia) they are strong and talanted climbers and real fighters. I also get inspiration from good food and wine, good films and nice people. Ich glaube an/ I believe in positive thinking!

In einer perfekten Welt/ In a perfect world

Everyone would be healthy and happy

Top 3 Erfolge/ Prosperities:

some fast ascents of some hard problems in Zillertal and to be among the top 10 in the total world cup 2007

Helden/ Heroes
I don’t have any heroes Musik/ Music hiphop, rock, reagge, pop, classical...

Filme/ Movies
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. One Flew Over the Guckoos Nest
3. Elling (norwegian film)

Beschäftigungen neben dem Klettern/What are you doing beside climbing?
Educated Occupational therapist/hand therapist
Watching movies, walking in the mountains, cooking and eating good food

Klettergebiete/ Climbing territories
1. Zillertal (Austria)
2. Kjugekull (Sweden)
3. Railey beach (Thailand)

Gründe zu Klettern/ Reasons for climbing
Because it’s more fun than any other sport I’ve tried

Last word/ Shout outs:
Looking forward to the Bronx comp!