Mayan Smith-Gobat

Nationalität/ Nationality:                  Foto: “©udo neumann/
“©udo neumann/ New Zealand

Alter/Age: 28
Sponsoren/Sponsors: Earth Sea Sky, Spelean NZ

Beste Ergebnisse/Best Results:

1. 1st place National Bouldering Series NZ (3 years in a row).
2. Not many other competition results in the last few years.
3.Climbed 8a on-sight & 8b+ red-point.

Interview mit Mayan

Was erwartest Du von BRONX ROCK Invitational? /
What do you expect of BRONX ROCK Invitational?

I am hoping that it is going to be a fun, creative Bouldering sesion. A chance to met & be inspired by other women who are climbing strong. I am very interested to see what the problems will be like…. I have barely ever bouldered with other women!

Hast du dir irgendwas Spezielles für das Schrauben vorgenommen? /
Do you have special plans for screwing?

Saying would be giving away my secrets… but it will be technical!

Wo siehst Du Möglichkeiten zur Weiterentwicklung des Kletterns? /
Where do you see possibilities for development of climbing?

Everywhere. Especially female involvement in route development and route setting.

Was würdest Du an deinem Sport ändern wollen?/
What part of your sport would you like to change?

Not much… Climbing is great!

Was macht für dich Klettern aus, was gibt es dir? /
What does climbing mean to you?

Climbing is my life, it means everything to me. I love the way it challenges me, mentally and physically. Climbing gives me a sense of freedom and strength, which I have not found elsewhere.

Stärken und Schwächen beim Klettern? /
Yours strengths and weaknesses in climbing?

Stärken/ Strengths:
At the moment endurance routes… what am I doing entering a Bouldering comp? Technical, weird & innovative climbing (Castle Hill styles!)

Schwächen/ Weaknesses:
Dynos and jumping! And indoor climbing in general… its been a long time since I have climbed on plastic!

Mich inspiriert/ I´am inspired of
Anyone pushing him/herself to their limit. Almost anything to do with climbing, but am actually more inspired by beautiful lines on real rock.

Ich glaube an/ I believe in
Living life to its fullest.

In einer perfekten Welt/ In a perfect world …
I would be able to keep climbing and challenging myself against the rock, without having to deal with society… “the real world as such”.

Top 3:

Erfolge/ Prosperities
1. Climbing Geminis 8b+.
2. On-sighting my first 8a (Collesium).
3. My first flight in a single seat glider.

Helden/ Heroes
1. Lynn Hill.
3. ...

Musik/ Music
1. A big mix… too many to list.

Filme/ Movies
1. Don’t watch many.

Beschäftigungen neben dem Klettern/
What are you doing beside climbing?

1. Not much at the moment!
2. Yoga/stretching & running (but never enough).
3. I fly gliders, ski and enjoy painting, but do not do any at the moment.

Klettergebiete/ Climbing territories
1. Ceuse, Castle Hill (NZ) Rodellar, Taipan Wall.
2. Too many….

Gründe zu Klettern/ Reasons for climbing

1. Because I love it.
2. Too be inspired & to inspire.

Last word/ Shout outs:
Escalde a muerte!