Vera Zijlstra

Nationalität/ Nationality:


Boreal, Bleaustone, The North Face/neoliet, NKBV

Beste Ergebnisse/Best Results:
1. Dutch Boulder Champion 2007
2. Dutch Lead Champion 2007
3. 6th WM jugend 2007


Was erwartest Du von BRONX ROCK Invitational? /
What do you expect of BRONX ROCK Invitational?

I expect it to be a very cool and nice evenement with challenging problems!

Hast du dir irgendwas Spezielles für das Schrauben vorgenommen? /
Do you have special plans for screwing?

Not yet, but inspiration will come!

Wo siehst Du Möglichkeiten zur Weiterentwicklung des Kletterns? /
Where do you see possibilities for development of climbing?


Was würdest Du an deinem Sport ändern wollen?/
What part of your sport would you like to change?

Nothing, I think it is great this way.

Was macht für dich Klettern aus, was gibt es dir? /
What does climbing mean to you?

A great way to combine mental, physical and technical skills. And exploring your own boundaries/limits.

Stärken und Schwächen beim Klettern? /
Yours strengths and weaknesses in climbing?

Stärken/ Strengths:
- optimism
- perseverance

Schwächen/ Weaknesses:
- nerves

Mich inspiriert/ I´am inspired of

- Climbers with character which put the limits higher and do climb elegant ;)!
- nice climbing spots

Ich glaube an/ I believe in

In einer perfekten Welt/ In a perfect world …
Everybody is happy and we can climb all day long.

Top 3:

Erfolge/ Prosperities

Be a good climber, climb in a lot of great area’s and book many successes.

Helden/ Heroes

Musik/ Music
Nothing in particular just variation in the music.

Filme/ Movies
1. the descent
2. a lot of good comedies
3. a nice action movie

Beschäftigungen neben dem Klettern/
What are you doing beside climbing?

1. studying Mathematics
2. running

Klettergebiete/ Climbing territories
1. Fontainebleau
2. Cresciano
3. Arco

Gründe zu Klettern/ Reasons for climbing
1. the challenge of the sport in many areas
2. being in the nature practicing what you like the most

Last word/ Shout outs:
I am looking forward to this competition!