Dorothea Karalus


Age: 23

monkee clothing

Best Results/Achievements:
1. 10x 8A&harder
2. 1. Dt. Hochschulmeisterschaft 2009
3. ??

Interview mit Doro

What do you expect of BRONX ROCK Invitational?
hope to have lots of fun and to see other strong climbers, which is always very motivating

Do you have special plans for the screwing?
I expect to get a small crisis while setting my problem as I never did this before;)

Describe the perfect boulderproblem.
nice place, nice holds, nice mouvements, nice line, something which has a history

What does climbing mean to you?
energy, motivation, always small & bigger goals, so many nice experiences in nature, so many nice people, so many place to see

Yours strengths and weaknesses in climbing?
depends on who you compare me with...
Strengths: fingerpower, heelhooks, body-positions, bodytension is getting better
Weaknesses: jumps, plastic-slopers

I believe in
the good in everything!

hat inspires you?
people who are motivated and believe in the things they do (not just in climbing)
people who climb forever and still find joy & motivation in this
people who always have fun climbing
people who try hard!!

Top 3

1. 8A+ Kalte Sophie, Frankenjura: all by myself in a dark wet cave, still fun:)
2. 8A Beaux Quartiers, Fontainebleau: very beautiful, so psyched that I can climb that hard in font!
3. 8A Schicht im Schacht, Frankenjura: big 2008 project, one of the best in the fj, had always fun there

What are you doing beside climbing?
1. Uni
2. Uni
3. Uni
the last semester was crazy!
but now I have my B. Sc. in Biochemistry and will go on a 6 months roadtrip through the USA:)

Climbing territories
1. the dark forest of the frankenjura as my homespot
2. all the small valleys in the alps
3. fontainebleau as THE mekka, where every problem has a history