BRONX ROCK Invitational 2009 (engl.) - This Time it´s personal!

On Saturday, 15th of August 2009, BRONX ROCK Invitational will take place for the third time. Similar to recent years, the organiser targeted to set a standard in sportclimbing again. This time, too, the event will take place in a spectacular ambience.

Innovative, renowned, exciting and close to the audience – BRONX ROCK Invitational is characterised the best. After an extraordinary kick-off event with Germanys top-athletes in 2007, an inspiring competition with international female participants in 2008, BRONX ROCK Invitational 2009 will exceed all expectations.

Opposing past competitions BRONX ROCK Invitational will take place outdoor – the brandnew bouldering block provides 90 square meters of bouldering area, featuring overhangs and roofs, slabs, intersections and diverse possibilities for mantling - best conditions for excellent rock climbing.

Since 2008 BRONX ROCK Invitational is well known within the climbing community. The interest of the athlets in taking part ist as expected very lively. For next Year national and international participants will be invited.

Currently BRONX ROCK Invitational 2009 is in an early development stage. Nevertheless it is obvious that the level of previous events will be outdone with again top class participants, an exiting mode of competition and a breathtaking presentation at the new bouldering cubes.

Further information:
BRONX ROCK Kletterhalle
Birgit Schierbaum
+ 49 -(0) 22 36-89 05 73